Brevard County, Florida, with its sun-kissed beaches and serene seascapes, offers an idyllic canvas for couples dreaming of a picturesque beach wedding. At Pixel Groves Photography, we’ve witnessed numerous moments where the ocean’s gentle roar and the horizon painted with sunset hues accentuate the promise of forever.

Stories of Love by the Ocean

Having been privileged to capture many couples’ special moments, we’ve amassed a wealth of stories right here on the sandy shores of Brevard County. From intimate barefoot ceremonies at Cocoa Beach to grand celebrations at Playalinda, each tale of love we’ve documented is uniquely intertwined with the natural beauty of our locale.

In one memorable instance, we had the honor of photographing a wedding at Satellite Beach, where dolphins frolicked in the backdrop, and the golden hour lent a magical glow to every frame. Such moments are both photogenic and profoundly symbolic, embodying a serendipitous connection with nature during the union of two souls.

Challenges and Tips for Beach Wedding Photography

Beach weddings, while spectacularly beautiful, do pose unique challenges for photography. Managing natural light to avoid harsh shadows, ensuring the ocean’s sounds don’t interrupt the ceremony, and negotiating with the unpredictability of weather are aspects we navigate with expertise and diligence.

Key Tips for Prospective Couples:



    • Timing is Everything: Leverage the golden hour for stunning, softly-lit photographs.


    • Wind-Proof Your Decor: Choose decor and attire that can gracefully withstand breezy conditions.


    • Embrace the Natural Setting: Incorporate the beach’s natural elements into your photo sessions and overall theme.



Localizing Love


Brevard County is not just a location but a character in your wedding story. Its landmarks, from the iconic Melbourne Beach Pier to the tranquil Sebastian Inlet, offer myriad backdrops that reflect the diverse beauty of our region. By incorporating these locales into your wedding photographs, we create a vivid tableau of your special day and weave the spirit of Brevard County into your timeless memories.




In every grain of sand and ripple of the ocean, raw, unscripted beauty brings a unique charm to beach weddings in Brevard County. At Pixel Groves Photography, we are not just photographers; we are storytellers, committed to encapsulating these organic, beautiful moments against the stunning backdrop of our beloved locale.


Embark on your journey of love with us, and let’s script a tale where every frame speaks of the enchanting allure of the ocean and the undying echo of your vows amidst the eternal waves.

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